Time: 16:27
Place: 005, Devi ResidencyWeek 33

Good Week.

The folks met Madam yesterday. Earlier in the day I took her out to  lunch and then to a movie. We had an okayish time. Madam is inherently not very talkative. I had to search for things to talk about. We weren’t exactly having comfortable silences. I have a feeling I am trying too hard to make this work. I have come to like her as a person. I still don’t feel the physical attraction though. Hopefully that will come with time.

I was very well behaved yesterday. She was very impressed. I seem to be making the right noises and doing the right things so I am building up a good image in her mind and hopefully heart. Is that enough? Knowing love and feeling love are two very different things. If she comes to love me as a person then I will know her love. I will not be in love with her. Will it suffice?

Isn’t it good enough to have a partner you like and respect who loves you?

This is a question I will let my future self answer.

The folks liked her. Mr. Puri mentioned that she doesn’t quite look in real life what she looked in the picture. Which are my sentiments from the beginning. There is nothing I can do about it. Anyway it was my treat yesterday and we had a good time. Cost me quite a lot too. Now that that is over with, we can move onto other things.

I had the SQL fundamentals certification to do this week but I pushed it out. I could not prepare adequately. Mr. C has asked me to do a migration next week. Should be interesting.

Gym subscription ended last week. I started going to the office gym this week. Its not the best situation but its okay. I will do the long run tomorrow.



















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