Time: 18:26
Place 005, Devi Residency
Week 27

Good week. Completed the performance assessment. It turned out good and the report needs to be presented tomorrow. Will need to sit today and work on how I want to do the presentation. Hopefully it goes good.

There was a trek with BASC organized yesterday. I registered and attended. It was fun doing the trek. It was a little challenging given I had done some strenuous lower body exercises on thursday so the hamstring was a little stiff. I went up to body weight on squats and dead lifts this week. I was careful with my form. Lower back was sore for a day but its fine now.

Saw the email for the Hyderabad marathon last week. I need to register before the end of the month to get the early bird discount. I am thinking of starting the preparation sometime in may.

No time spent on guitar this week.

Lots of time spent on batting on week 27. Still not completely sure if its the right thing to do. Dad will be traveling to Bangalore next weekend.

Need to complete the assessment review and continue working on the Exadata certification. Have booked exam for first weekend of May.


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