Time: 23:27
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 26

Interesting week that I will talk about tomorrow since I am going to sleep now.

Sunday post that got started on a Monday and got completed on a Tuesday.

Hectic week at work. Worked very hard on the assessment. There was low bandwidth in SSC so was working on SR’s as well. It was very hot in Hyderabad so the travel to and fro office was hard.

I had decided to stay back for the week because Swathi’s parents were visiting Aliabad on Sunday and I wanted to be present. The meet itself went well. I got a lot of confidence after that meeting.

Had a good long conversation with Bro yesterday. The marriage dates are in November/December. We talked about the possibility of dad not getting his money by then. We decided it was better not to do the U.S trip as it would become very tight money wise.

With the U.S trip cancelled, there is no reason for me to hurry my move to Hyd. I am thinking of staying back for a month or 2 longer. With the lean marriage season starting, Uttam and Purush are not going anywhere so the room will be there. Will think about moving in case someone leaves.

Starting batting with Swathi yesterday. I will need to be careful here. 6 months might turn out to be marathon. Need to pace oneself.

Do I need to continue the weekly count?


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