Time: 21:07
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 24

Fruitful week.

Met Swathi today. At first I was surprised by her confidence and straightforward approach. I wasn’t expecting someone equal to me and when I did, I don’t know what to make it. I was a little intimidated and I did stutter a little.

For a conversation that went for an hour, we didn’t get into the personal details. I was hesitant to ask her personal questions. We didn’t have many awkward moments which was good. She was open to the conversation so I didn’t really need to draw her out. Given that that wasn’t what I was expecting, I didn’t really know how to handle the situation.

One thing that kept bothering me is her broken tooth! and the slight mustache. I had a hole in my t-shirt though I am not sure if she noticed it. We talked about hobbies and career and her sister and her brother in law and her relatives. I was awkward so I thought she did most of the talking.

Such a contrast to the Swarna case, who incidentally got married this week.

Got the visa for 10 years. Told Chaman that I will move to Hyderabad in June. Chaman asked me to do the Exadata certification and I have started the preparation. I will try to complete it this month. A difficult few weeks up ahead.

Bro asked me to plan the U.S trip regardless of whether or not dad makes it. I asked him to talk to dad and to keep an eye on the tickets.

I have decided to mix up the low rep and high rep routine in the gym. I will try to cut down on the food will try to drop the 1 kg that I added in Hyd.


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