Time: 15:32
Place: 1A092, Oracle HYDWeek 23

Hectic Week.

Sunday post on Monday.

Got the U.S visiting visa. Don’t know the visa duration yet. I have given dad the authorization letter to collect the passport.

Spent a lot of time with Ramu and Radha this week. I had a couple of patching activities where I was the backup engineer. I initially though about coming to Hyderabad for these but decided to stay back and spend time with the family. Visited lot of Ramu’s relatives, Devakkapalli, Parlapally, DD Colony, Uppal and Beeramguda. I don’t think I have visited so many people in a span of so few days. All in all a very satisfying week.

Dad had a meeting with his society members yesterday. They have decided to take back their money from the society pending the allocation of land. Dad will be relieved of all his responsibilities from May. He mentioned that he would come to Hyderabad and find a job. I am not sure how that will work out.

Week 23 was interesting. I will be meeting Swati this weekend. I am looking forward to the meeting. I haven’t yet prepared mentally for this. I will sit and think about it once I reach Bangalore. While I was in Karimnagar, multiple people gave me multiple profiles but none of them were very concrete. Currently Swati is the only girl on the radar.

I spoke to Chaman last week regarding the vacation for the U.S trip. He mentioned that he could initiate an L1 visa. I need to sit down with him once I go back to Bangalore and talk to him in detail about my plan for the coming weeks. I know I need to concentrate on scaling up on the migration skill set. I know how to go about doing it. I will also need to work on the OCP and OEM.

I have a very hectic set of weeks coming up. I am raring to go.



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