Time: 16:35
No. 30, Harmony Homes.
Week 22

Good week.

Participated in OEM 12C LVC training this week. It was a little hectic but it was a useful training. Another 6 day week in the office. 2 day week in the gym.

Came to Hyderabad today. I got the slots for the B2 U.S visa. I have to prepare over the next 2 days for the interview. Interview is on Wednesday. Since I went ahead and spent 11K for the fees, I better make sure I get the visa.

I am planning to stay till the weekend and travel back on Sunday. I applied for leave for 4 days so I am pretty much free to do what I want for the next 4 days. On the top of my agenda are getting the AB loan account closed and the visa processed. I need to get my credit card from Chinna and make sure I take my shoes back to Bangalore.

Ms. Swati from week 20 is still hanging on. The proposal now is for me to meet the girl in Bangalore in the first week of April. Then I decide whether or not we want to take the case forward.

I realized this week that I had incorrectly calculated my tax for the year. I now need to put an additional 22k into the Reliance MF.  I also need to revise my contribution to the MF from next month. I will have payed a total of 83K in the MF for 2015 – 2016. I need to raise the SIP to 5K per month. Since the budget for April is already very tight for me, I think I will raise the SIP starting May.

Got to know this week that Mr. Krishna in the office has completed the Oracle 12C OCM certification. Fantastic stuff for the man. I need to really pull up my socks. I think once I return to Bangalore at the end of the week, I will have the next 6 weeks to myself to really focus on what I want to do. What I want to do:

  1. Work on the OCP exam.
  2. Work on my electric guitar.
  3. Start the low rep regimen at the gym.

The office times have now changed to my preferred timings so I should try to make the most out of the coming months.









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