Time: 8:25
Place: Beeramguda
Week 20

Interesting week.

I had a couple of good discussions with Chetan. On monday Chetan informed me that there was a requirement for a resource to work in the east coast hours and that he was looking for me as an option. Working in the 6:30 to 2:30 shift did not really excite me but there was a significant monetary benefit involved. I wanted to take it up.

Chaman did not agree for this though. There are a lot of QPD activities scheduled over the coming months and Chaman does not want to give up a resource. So they instead gave the offer to Mr. Sasank. I don’t know if Sasank agreed to it or not. They may yet come back an tell me that they need me to do the shifts.

The dell thing is definitely coming to a close. On an unrelated note, Satya left for the U.S.

Dad visited Chennai and then came to Bangalore. He was set to leave for Hyderabad on Thursday evening. I too booked my ticket with him. I thought I would take an off on Friday and relax a little at home. Didn’t really work out though as I had a couple of very hectic days traveling around the place.

Interesting events in Week 20. When dad visited his friend Mr. Janardhan, uncle informed him about a family friend of theirs who has a daughter. The girl looks good and is working. The catch is that the family is from Nellore and they are settle in B’lore. Which means there is no way for us to find out more about them. Also the family does not seem to be very well off.

I am approaching this “alliance” very tentatively. Right now the ball is in their court. If they show any interest, I will need to talk to Bro about how I want to approach this one. I definitely want to talk to the girl and understand what she is all about. We’ll see.

Srikanth’s wedding reception is scheduled for later in the day. I will travel to Mr. Lava’s place now and will spend some time with them. Then I will go to the reception place. I have the return bus booked along with Mr. Bijjam.


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