Time: 12:10
Place: Srindoori Residency, Guntur
Week 17

Writing this journal from a hotel room in Guntur using Mr. UB’s Mac.

A interesting week. The last 2 days have been productive and memorable. We travelled to Vizag on Friday morning. Spent the day roaming around Vizag. Bala’s marriage was at night. Attended the dinner and then decided to roam around the beach for the next few hours while we waited for the Muhurtham. We had Ashwini for company and I think she is an amazing woman.

The actual ceremony happened at 5:00 AM. Everyone was tired but we had plans to visit Araku so we got a  little rest and started immediately. I got increasingly tired as the day wore on, but it was fun. We ate some good food and then some terrible food. I got diarrhea by the end of the day.

We had plans to travel to Guntur by the morning train. We knew it was going to be a harrowing  experience. Mr. Manikantha and Sadu were travelling in the evening so we decided to cancel the train tickets and travel in the sleeper bus instead. I got good sleep in the bus and am pretty rested right now.

We have to pass the time somehow today. In the evening, we have the reception to attend and then there will be another difficult bus trip back to Bangalore to contend with.

This trip will do a world of good for me. It’s a welcome distraction from the stress and the frustrations of the last few weeks.

I have decided to look to travel to Hyderabad the week after to try for the U.S tourist visa. If the Dell project does not start meanwhile that is. I will be able to attend the marriage too.

Nothing going on in week 17. I got many good photos during this trip so I will look to leverage them.








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