Time: 9:34
Place: 5A021, OTP
Week 15

Good Week.

Visited the Dell office this week. My work may not start for atleast another 2 weeks. We now have a good idea of what is expected. It should be a good experience.

Ms. N had a successful surgery couple of weeks back. She is doing well now. The surgery cost my bro 3K. I told him I will pay the EMI this month. Dad’s irrigation money thing seems to be going well now. Not sure how much we will get but it should be soon enough.

I have some plans for the money. We still have 3l debt to pay off so that will take priority. If the total money that comes is around 10l, there is no point doing lump-some payments to the housing loan. I can pay off one of my personal loans and the rest can be kept aside for marriage expenses.

In case the money arriving is around 15l or more, is makes sense to pay everything over the 10l to the bank and to reschedule the EMI’s. It would be good to limit the total house and car EMI’s to 40K. Then I can limit my liabilities to 20K per month.

Did some shopping this week for Bala’s marriage. We are planning to buy something for him. Should have a good time at his marriage.

Week 15 was again quiet. The week 14 case did not progress much. I wasn’t very exited to begin with anyway. The overall progress has seemed very sluggish to me. I have seen 5 cases, out of which I visited one. Except the first one, none of the rest really exited me.I’m not able to decide if I need to push a little or just wait for it to happen.

The decision to take it easy this month was a good one. A few weeks with less stress has done my mental state a world of good. I will again be in the certification grind starting next week so I need to prep myself for that. Will need to work hard for the next few weeks.

5 day week in the gym. Feels like I lost some more weight. I am getting stronger every passing week. I am not getting any bulkier though. I have 2 more weeks of low rep training to do. I will have to decide if I want to continue with this or switch back to the high rep routine. I am also faster on the treadmill now. I pushed a little these last 2 weeks. Next week I will try to do a 8K run at less than 7min pace.

I will be sending 38K to dad so this month will be a tight one. Will have to manage well.






















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