Strength Training

I started my new regimen in the gym in Nov last year. Since then, I have spent a lot of time doing research on exercise physiology and health. I learn’t about what exercises I should be doing, at what intensity and for what duration.

For someone who can boast of having 3 years experience working out in a gym, its amazing how many things I didn’t know. Even after everything I have learnt, I still make mistakes in the gym, all the while mentally pointing out the mistakes others are making.

For the first time in my life, I am working at controlling my diet. I don’t know how I missed this trick the last 8 months. I am definitely eating less, but I am not starving myself. I don’t go to bed unhappy every night that I am having to diet.

I am a little over 68Kgs now.  When I started going to the Gym, I was around 73. When I renewed the membership, I was above 70. I have made good progress over the last 2 months.

I want to record what I am doing these days and use this as a template to refer to in the future. My workout schedule reads like this:

Monday -> Arms, Back. Barbell row, Bicep curls, Dumbell curls, Lat Pulldowns.
Tuesday –> 1 hour cardio. Running.
Wednesday –> Lower Body. Deadlifts, Barbell squats, Dumbell lunges.
Thursday –> 1 hour cardio. Running.
Friday –> Shoulder, Chest, Back –> Bench Press, triceps cable extension, dumbell overhead press, shoulder raises.
Saturday –> 1 hour cardio. Running.

Most weeks I do 5 day gym routines. I try to cover the strength training days at sometimes skip the cardio when I don’t fell like it.

I have also started an alternating approach to the intensity of my workout. For 4 weeks, I do the lower wait high rep routine. I push the reps to failure and generally end up with sore body parts the next day. The next 4 weeks, I do the high weight low rep routine. I do not try to push to failure. The satisfaction at the end of a workout might be a little less but the results are better.

I now have a good understanding of my body. I can basically do the endurance stuff but am not very strong. Even after 10 months working out in the gym, I fail to do a single rep of a pull up. I lack strength. Strength is what I am focusing on right now. Weight loss is secondary.I hope to be able to do a few reps of pull ups soon. I do want to lose some more weight but am not very particular about it right now. Strength is what matters.



















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