Place: 51021, OTP
Time: 10:33
Week 12


The first week of the year gave me a small snapshot of how this year will be like for me.

I worked all 7 days. Thankfully there were very few SR’s so it wasn’t stressful. I am in good physical shape these days so I am physically ready for another week at the office. I can take an off tomorrow but I wont. Cause I need the money.

Dell thing might start sometime next week. Then again, I have been hearing this for the last 6 weeks so it might not start next week. I hate being in limbo so I have been doing my own things meanwhile. Let them decide when they want to send me.

Raghu might buy the bike. He had taken the bike from me a couple of weeks back and had it looked at by some mechanic he knows. He is looking at other options currently. Will ask him next week if he will take it. I have quoted 22K to him.

Week 12 ended with me getting some closure. I gave Swarna a long hard thought but I think I can do better. Added to that was all the mismanagement from our folks and bro wasn’t really convinced. So I told Pinni I wasn’t interested and asked her to look for other options.

The count stands at 2.

Mentally I am holding up okay. It will get harder going forward but I should be able to hold on.

I will try to Install the CM 13 on my phone today. I did the automatic install 2 weeks back and it ended in disaster. I lost all my data and apps. Had to install everything from scratch again. Will see how it goes today.



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