SUNDAY 59, 2016 Begins

Time: 9:39 A.M
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week: 11

Happy new year to me.

2015 has been full of ups and downs. I worked harder in 2015 than in any 1 year in the past decade. Lot of things that I tried did not give me any results. Some things worked out brilliantly well. Overall I am pretty happy with where I stand at the start of 2015.

2016 is going to be an incredibly long and difficult year for me. I will have to work even harder this year. I will have to move out of my comfort zone and will have to struggle against the elements and myself. My fight with loneliness will take its toll. I will get increasingly anxious and frustrated. I will not have the pleasures that kept me together in 2015. The happy story of my brother, the great trips that I did, the good time that I spent with my friends.. none of these will be there this year.

Will this be the year that I turn to faith for strength to sustain myself? Will I grow further apart from my family? Will I be able to figure out what I want? Will I get what I want? Will I be happy?

I am not one to make up new year resolutions. Having said that, a man should be open to try out new experiences so I have decided that I will have a resolution for this year:

I will not watch porn this year.

Let’s see how that goes.

Onto last week’s events.

The week was my first true vacation of the year. Given the circumstances, I tried to unwind as best as I could. I feel that I have recovered physically and am ready for the new year. Mentally, I am not there yet. Monday starts tomorrow so there is no choice. Ready or not, the new year starts.

Week 11. First interview. Not quite there. Put on hold.







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