Time: 7:25
Place: No:30, Harmony Homes
Week 10

Frustrating Week.

I failed the OCA test. By 8%. This is the second time I failed the exam. Good thing the tests are free.

I had plans leading up to the OCM after I completed this exam. Of the 6 tests that I registered for this year, I showed up for 4 and cleared 1. Very disappointing.

The week has been frustrating for other reasons as well. Much mess with Week 9.

I really need to figure out my head. I have not been in such internal turmoil for a long time. Things that are occupying my head right now:

  1. Marriage: not in my hands.
  2. Finances: Somewhat in my hands.
  3. Work: In my hands.
  4. Relocation: Somewhat in my hands.

Starting with what is in my hands, I know the dell project might take about 3 months to complete. Lets say till mid April. I can stay at Devi Residency till Feb end. In march I will move in with Mr. Chick and will crash on his couch for a while.

In May I will relocate to Hyd. I need a permanent place to function. I don’t work well when I am in limbo. Staying with Mr. AB will only be a temporary affair.

So work and relocation is settled.

Finances.. I think I will concentrate on clearing off the first personal loan. Before I do that I need to pay Mr. AB and Ms. Suchi. With me selling my bike to Raghu, I should be able to pay both of them off in the next month. From then I can start collecting money to pay off the first p loan. My outstanding at end of May will be about 170000. I should be able to collect this money by May end.

Marriage: I have some clarity about this now. I will check out the profiles that come my way. In case I like anyone, I will tell the “elders”. I will let them decide when and how they want to do the marriage. That should give me a lot of piece of mind. In case required, I can use the same money that I had collected to pay off the loan to pay for the marriage. I will take an advance from the company as well.. in case its required.

While all that is going on, starting the first week of Jan, I need to focus on fitness and certifications in a big way.

I think I will leave the planning for that once I return to Bang.











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