Time: 12:17
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 9

Good week.

My annual reject the phlegm sickness happened this week. Had to take off on Tuesday. Still suffering with cold and a slight sore throat. Should be fine over the next few days.

I did some research into gym regimens and stumbled upon a theory that said that for best results, its important to alternate between high reps and low reps. It seems, high rep sets build muscles and low rep sets build strength. I decided to follow this approach and do high reps for 3 weeks followed by lows reps for 3 weeks. Overdid my lower body training a little bit. Had sore quads for 3 days which went away after a bit of rolling. The weight seems to be coming down. Might get down to 69 in a few weeks if I can maintain the diet.

Prepared hard for the OCA exam this week. Have scheduled it for next week. Satya completed OCM this month. We now have 4 OCM’s in the office. I need to step up my game and complete atleast the OCA before the turn of the year. Which means I will need to schedule the SQL fundamentals for Friday and try to clear it. Won’t be easy but I need to try my best.

Prepared the docs for tax submission which I need to submit be end of next week. While doing the calculations, I realized that I over invested in the ELSS scheme. I need not make any further investments over the next 2 months. I have to arrange money for the car and bike insurance though so next month will also be very tight.

Kavitha from week 8 did not get back. There was another case that came up on week 9. 24 year old based out of KMR. Don’t have a lot of details. No photo or biodata yet. Will see how it goes.

Booked the tickets for travel to Hyd next Saturday. Will be coming back to Bang on the 3rd of Jan.



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