Time: 9:52
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 8

Interesting week.

More delay in the start of the Dell project. The contract has still not come to us so I will be going back to SSC next week.

5 Day week at the gym. I spent time this week watching youtube videos of various exercises and tried to improve my form while doing them in the gym. The result is definitely better when the exercise is done the correct way. Spent 6 days of the week with some part of the body sore. If your arms are sore then they are building up right?

On tuesday Babai called me regarding a profile that he had got from Mr. Dasarath. The girl is 18 days younger than me. She has a big nose and is not pretty. I forwarded the pics to Ms. N and thought about it for a day. Putting looks aside, she is definitely older than what I would have liked.

I did not want to reject her because of that one condition. She has a job and the family is known so we will be able to get the details. I asked Babai to find out the details. Let’s see how it goes.

Spoke to Chinna Mama yesterday. The Sambaipally girl is getting married. So much for that story.

Had a good talk with Dad yesterday. I told him that I am thinking about moving to Hyd come March and that I do not want to live alone. I asked him to wrap up his work by March and stay at one place from then on. He is going for a visa interview next week for U.S visiting visa. Shouldn’t be too difficult for him. Bro has been asking me to find out the details for me to apply too. I have been putting it off.

Bro’s job has been extended for another 6 months. He said he will start saving up from now and will look to build a bank balance in the next 6 months. He said something about family planning. I think they are thinking about having a kid. Ms. N is unlikely to have a job in the coming year which might be one think they have in mind.

My Bank balance has dried up already. This month will be hard to manage. I am thinking about going to Hyd in the last week.


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