Time: 08:24
Place: 5A021, OTP
Week 7

Okayish week.

On-site work is not going to start the coming monday. Have to see how long it is delayed.

Some rumbling on week 7. Ms. GTS brought to my attention a case that I referred to Ms. N. She shot it down. I am glad she has enough sensibility to know what is good for me and what isn’t.

I was doing the morning shift this week. It is definitely harder when compared to the evening shift but I get to have more time in the evenings. Also I get to eat an early dinner which is good for my health. On most days when I do the evening shift, I end up having my dinner at 10:00 P.M.

4 day gym week, same as the last 3 weeks. I have skipped the chest routine twice in a row now.

There have been some positive effects of the new regimen. Yesterday Mr. UB happened to remark that I am building up a good shape. I haven’t lost any weight and haven’t done a lot of chest and abs, so it must be my shoulders that are showing off. The lower body training also seems to be making an impact. I ran an 8K effortlessly in the gym the other day.  That’s good strength training for my future marathon efforts.

I have also been putting a lot of stress on my lower back . I am now doing exercises that I have never done before. My back is so weak that I end up sore the next day every time I work the back in the gym. I have historically done very little work on my shoulders and back so its something I am targeting to work on next year.

My only worry is that I am not losing any weight. My tummy flab is very stubborn and loves me very much given the amount of effort I am having to put to get rid of it. Mr. UB happened to mention off hand the other day that 60% of weight loss is contributed by having a good diet and the rest is a result of time spent in the gym. I have failed miserably at controlling my diet this year. Even this past week, I ended up eating out on 4 days. I have to do better than that.

I am also sad that I will not be able to complete the 500KM target that I had set this year. This will be the third year in a row that I failed to achieve the mileage that I set for myself. Given that this is THE only new year resolution I ever have, not being able to achieve it is disappointing. I briefly toyed with the idea of doing a 10X10 to finish off the year but rejected the idea as even that will not help me reach 500 and I don’t think my body will be able to cope with such an effort just yet.

I hope to do better next year.




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