Time: 11:37 A.M
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 5

News about the dell thing! The contract has got signed and the delivery will be starting on the 30th of Nov. Me, the new guy Thangapandi and another as yet unknown person have been drafted in to deliver the service. The contract is for 3 months, of smaller length than what I was told initially.  Krishna, who worked in Dell previously, mentioned that their engineering team sits in EGL. If the delivery is in EGL, it will be great for me. I can travel daily along with Mr. AB. Will save time and money.

Lots of other activity this week. The outing this was very successful from an organizing point of view. I worked very hard the entire day and delivered pretty well. It would have been better had Mr. C been there. Nevertheless my effort was recognized by my namesake. At the end of the event, there were spot awards being announced for the top performers. I was happy for the people who were getting the awards and was sitting there hoping that I too would be recognized for the work that I had done. It just so happened that I too was awarded. My namesake called me out and read the award that was given to me. It felt nice shaking hands with the VP and getting an applause from my peers.

I know that at the end of the day, it doesn’t amount to much and the monetary component of the award is paltry. Nevertheless it felt good to be recognized and praised by the leadership. Definitely a high point in my career at Oracle so far.

Another pleasant thing happened in the week. I was involved in an escalated BOA issue for which I got an appreciation from the VP of engineering from bank. I wasn’t involved much in the technical resolution but I did deserve the kudos for handling the customer and involving the collab engineer proactively. More brownie points?

I am working hard to deliver a patching activity for BOA this weekend and am making sure I am letting the management know of the effort I am putting in. All in all a very fruitful week at the office. I did get very tired by Friday and did my best to unwind yesterday but the after effects can still be felt. I am tired now and have another long stint in the office to look forward to today. If I can just manage today, tomorrow will be rest time.

There seems to be something brewing at the marriage front. I don’t have the details and am not planning on getting myself exited. This ordeal is a test of patience like no other in life. Which is why I am planning on taking it as it comes.

Only one botch in my otherwise perfect week. I did not attend the SQL fundamentals exam on Monday. It was raining and I was underprepared and I took it light. Will have to schedule it again.

Sridhar 2.0 initiative has been pretty successful till now. I am planning on stepping it up to include cosmetics and fitness. It have so far failed at controlling my diet. It is so hard to look at the bigger picture when you current overriding need is to satisfy your urges. I will have to motivate myself and tell myself that currently, at age 27, I am working harder than I have ever worked in life so far.




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