Time: 4:42 P.M
Place: 5A021, OTP
Week 4

No news about the Dell thing. I am disappointed.

While speaking to Bro on the phone yesterday, he asked me when I planned on moving to Hyderabad. I had no answer to give him. For a guy who is as organized as I am, it really goes to show what the current state of my mind is. There are so many considerations and complications regarding this that I have decided to go with the flow and concentrate on other things.

Some new things happening around me. So there is an outing next week with the team and we will be going to a resort and will be spending the day. I have been helping Raghu in the organization part. Time taking but it will earn me some brownie points. Created a poster for the event. Will be doing some planning and stuff. Should keep me occupied for the next week.

I had the SQL certification on Monday. I tried to reschedule the exam but the site was down and I couldn’t do it so I will have to take the exam tomorrow. I have already failed it twice and don’t want to fail a third time. I am not prepared as much as I would like but I don’t have a choice. Will sit today and cover as much as I can and then will hope for the best.

Mr. AB got himself involved in a small accident. We had tickets for the test match on Saturday but he ruined the plan. Idiot.

Started playing the guitar again this week. Need to keep it up.


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