Place: 5A021
Time: 5:15 P.M
Week 2

50 Sunday posts covering a year and a half. Great going me!

This on a Monday as I was travelling yesterday. I was supposed to have returned to Bangalore yesterday morning but changed my plans at the last minute. I was visiting Lava on Saturday and was planning to leave for the station from there. Dinesh came over and asked me to stay for a day and leave the next day.

I thought about it and didn’t see any harm doing it. I didn’t have anything specific planned in Bangalore anyway. I was expecting an SSC shift to cover on Sunday but Vimal did not put me in the shift so I had the day off. I spent Saturday at Lava’s place and spent the Sunday at Dinesh’s place. It was an interesting experience.

I worked three days from the Hyderabad office. As expected, I got very tired by Tuesday evening. I traveled to Aliabad on Wednesday along with Pinni. The event went well. A lot of people attended. We had some interesting conversations on the day.

I was informed that Dad had approached the Uppal folks for marriage between me and Ms. GTS. I was surprised as he had not discussed anything regarding this with me. Considering the way he is, I should have expected it. I confronted him about this later and he denied doing it. Again its just like him to do something like that and later deny it. I left it at that and asked him to talk to me before he does anything like this again. I know I can’t really hope that he will listen to me.

I don’t know if this needs following up or if I should leave it at that. I definitely don’t want to marry Ms. GTS. She is far too immature and will be a headache to handle. I dont want to get into that mess. I think I will have a discussion with Bro about this. Mr. Chinna warned me that when it comes to marriages, nothing is straight forward and there is a lot of drama going on behind the scenes so one should be very guarded. I think its good advise and will follow it. I have been a little naive so far in my dealings with Ms. GTS. I will try to avoid her going forward.

Pinni has my full biodata now and will inquire about my <I dont know what word to use>. There was a photo shown to me. The subject of the photo was nice enough but there are very few details available. There is nothing I can do at this point. Wait and watch..

Mr. C contacted me earlier in the week and said he wanted to talk to me. Since I was in Hyd and he was busy, we decided to discuss whatever it was once I came to Bangalore. I saw him today but he did not approach me. I am suspecting its related to the Dell thing and something seems to have changed later in the week. Wait and watch..

Mr. Vimal has handed me a difficult schedule for this month. I spoke to him and asked him to make changes. Need to see how that goes.

Starting the new regimen in the gym tomorrow.


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