New Regimen

Two weeks back I picked up a book about health with the name: Don’t lose out, work out.

Reading this book has been a revelation to me. I had been working out fairly regularly at the gym in the last 7 months. While I have lost weight and have become fitter generally, I felt that for the effort I have put in, I haven’t achieved the results. Now I understand why.

For some reason I have always emphasized on cardio as a method for fat loss. Apparently, my judgement was without any basis. Weight training seems to be the more optimal approach to achieve that goal. I have already decided that I am going to extend my gym membership. I still don’t know for how long I will be staying here in Bangalore so I’m not sure for how long to take up the subscription.

I have a new regimen mapped out now. 3 days strength training, 3 days running and one day rest.

The schedule will look something like this:

Monday: (Back)

Barbell Row
Barbell Curl
Hammer Curl
Reverse Fly

Tuesday (Run, about 8K)

Wednesday: (Lower Body)

Squats with weights
Lunges with Weights
Leg Extension
stiff leg deadlifts
Leg curl
standing calf raises

Thursday (Run, faster 6K)

Friday: (Front)

DB Press
Chest Press
Machine Fly
Overhead DB Press
Side Lateral DB
Cable Push Down
DB Extension

Satuday — Break

Sunday (Long Run, 16K)

With this regimen, I will be covering 30K per week on the road and will be able to focus on only weights in the gym. The amount of time I will be spending in the Gym will reduce. Hopefully I will see the results.


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