Time: 11:25 AM.

Place: 005, Devi Residency.

Ran the Bangalore marathon today. Completed it in about 2:33. Its a welcome return to the 2:30’s after a couple of 2:50’s. It’s a shame I will not be running another marathon for a while. I would have liked to build on this fitness level.

I think the preparation for the run and the run itself went very well. The last time everything went well before a run was Auroville 2013. I started the run slow like I wanted to. Caught the 2:45 bus but they were too slow so went looking for the 2:30 bus. Got the bus at around the 8K mark and stuck with them until the 13K. At that point they started picking up the pace and I could not stay with them so I had to slow down.

I had to push the last 6 Kms. Had I run the last 2 long runs properly, I could have been in better shape towards the end but I thought I did the best I could. I am proud of the way I finished. I have to say the after run recovery has been the best compared to all my previous runs. I did take the time to do my stretches properly so that helped I guess. The way the event was managed was disappointing. These guys can learn a lot from the Hyderabad Marathon. It’s only their second attempt so I guess they will learn in time.

On Monday I had to attend an Interview for the T&M project with CSC. I had very little time to prepare for the interview and I did the best I could. It apparently wasn’t enough for them so they interviewed Gopi the next day and he got selected.

I had a chat with Baiju during the week and he said Migration wasn’t fun. He has been at it for an year and is suffering right now. He wants out but since there is no one else, he is bring forced to stay put. So his advise to me: Stay out. Which is a good advise given where he is coming from. But what is good for me?

Getting some migration experience will certainly help but its very difficult to deliver all 3 services consistently. And for a migration project, you need to be working on it from start to end. Plug and play will not work for Migration.

So what do I do? Do I go with the flow or do I have a chat with the 2 Mr.C’s.

I think having a chat with them and discussing the situation should be the way to go about it. It’s easier said than done though. Let’s see how it goes.

Edit 1: The official timing for the run was 2:33:45 🙂


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