I started writing this Sunday series on 11th May 2014. This is what I had to say then:

“This is the first of a new series that I hoping will run for long. Kind of like the PROG thing but not so structured. Just updates about what I did personally, professionally, and the major things that happened around me. Here goes.”

It’s been an year and a half now. It has run longer than I expected it to run. So kudos to me!! Moving on..

The last week has been an interesting one. I got used to the new shift and got a lot of testing done. Even managed to work on the SQL certification a little. On Friday, Chaman called me up regarding a T&M project for Exadata migration involving goldengate. I prepared my resume and sent it to Deepak. I am yet to talk to him about it. Looks like an interesting project. I will definitely get to learn a lot if I am part of it.

I had patching and SSC shift scheduled for the weekend. I could have asked Vimal to move me from the SSC shift. I thought about it. An extra day worked without comp-off means about 4000 additional cash in the paycheck. That is something I can do with. What is the cost though? I will be working 6 days in a row and will definitely get tired by next Thursday. But I can deal with it. I have to be very careful while scheduling shifts in the future as every shift missed will translate to loss of money.

But I don’t like doing it this way. Sigh!

Other interesting things happened as well. Tatayya wanted to buy a car. Dad offered the Etios to him. He seemed to be fine with it but out of the blue went an bought a second hand car. I am pissed with him. Idiot.

Yesterday I had a chat with the folks about marriage. It was a good talk. I will be changing my approach towards marriage  a bit. I have decided to forget about the cost factor. I will be preparing my mind on how to approach the situation. If something turns up, I will deal with it appropriately. Which all translates to meaning that I am now officially in the market. My days in the hunt start from October. Sigh!

All of this puts the Europe trip in a mess. I really don’t know how to approach this one. The trip will cost 1.5 lakh. If I am to get married in the next 1 year, will I need the money? If dad’s irrigation money comes in the meanwhile, I think my savings wont be needed. So I can afford to spend it. The problem is:

  1. I dont know when the marriage will happen.
  2. I dont know when the money will come.

Realistically speaking, I thing if the folks start looking seriously, it may happen by the summer. That is 9 months. The money should also come in 6 months. 6 months is March 2016. 9 months is June 2016. The trip is planned for March.

Then there is the small matter of my hatred of summer weddings. Ideally I would like the marriage to be before or after the summer. Before summer is March, after summer is September – December. March marriage is very unlikely to happen. I have 6 white hair on my chin right now. I dont know how many I will have my September 2016. Just thinking about it is distressing. Argggg!!

Okay. Think clearly. Focus…

The below things I have no control on:

  1. When the marriage happens.
  2. When the money comes.
  3. At what rate my beard whitens.

The below things I can control:

  1. The schedule for the Europe trip.
  2. My savings.
  3. The plans for Hyderabad relocation.

I am finding out the hard way that emotional decisions are not mathematical equations where a set of inputs will give an unambiguous result. Each of the above things is related to each other.

** Uttam comes into the room. We have a chat. Now I have some clarity.

So this is what I will do. I will continue to plan the Europe trip as normal. Will do the flight tickets and the Visa thing. Come Jan, if the marriage happens, I will have the girl get the visa too. Hows that for a plan!


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