Time: 4:58 P.M

Place : 005, Devi Residency

A disappointing week. I was overconfident that I would clear the SQL fundamentals certification. I ended up failing badly. I scored even less that what I managed the last time. Need to pull up my socks now. Good thing the certification is free.

A few good things did happen. A sat and thought long and hard about what I want to do in the next six months.

As the Canada thing is not happening, the attraction of moving to Hyd is now gone. Bala will be getting married in Feb. The Europe trip will be in March. I have made up my mind to make the move after March.

For the next six months, I want to primarily work on 3 things.. Scaling up in SSC and Patching, Building up fitness and planning for the Europe trip. Once my gym membership expires in November, I will take a 3 months extension. That should last until end of Jan.

Another good thing that happened was the patching that I did yesterday. It was long and hard work but I did well and got some recognition. I need to keep this up.

I am thinking of having a serious discussion with Chaman regarding the 3 teams thing. I will tell him that I have decided to stay back for a few more months and that working on migration will not be the best thing for now. I will see if I can get a hold of him this week.


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