A Letter to Sridhar – 2014



Sridhar Reddy,

Aged 25 years 9 months.

Hi pal. It’s me. You from the future.

The first question you had asked me was how’s my life going.

I can tell you with complete honesty that my life is rocking right now. I completed my first international trip last week and it went great. My work is good, I am healthy and am mentally in a good place right now. Things can still be better though.

When I was you, I was hoping Bro would get married soon. I would like to tell you that he did get married and is living happily right now. He was lucky to get a smart and capable gal who is also sensible and caring. Not a package you find very often. I know you wanted to do the Malaysia trip that was planned in Feb. That would have been an even better trip than the one I just completed. I didn’t get to go because of the marriage. I don’t have any regrets though.

Marella left for the U.S few months back. I am currently living with Bala, Chick and Puri. Bala is currently going through an interesting phase in life. He may be married by the end of the year.

What have I done in the last 12 months. What memories are the most prominent?

I think I have grown a lot as a person. Bro’s marriage was a big moment in my life. I learnt a lot about life in that time. Work has been great till now. I have worked hard to improve my skills and I can confidently say that I am contributing a lot to the team now. Marella leaving left me a little lonely but I managed to overcome that period. The episode with the Sam girl also had an impact on me.

The highlights of the year of course were the marriage and the trip to Malaysia.

I think I take the rating thing a little too seriously sometimes. I tried that in the Sunday post and abandoned it after a while. I am feeling very lazy right now but I will still go ahead and do it once more. For the sake of continuity.

  1. Money: I think I am doing decently well when it comes to money these days. The months after the marriage were a little tough and Bro had to go back and settle down. Now that he is doing fine, he has been taking care of the housing loan. As a result I am getting to spend my own money. The Malaysia trip that I did cost me about 35K. Financing this trip wouldn’t have been possible if I were still in Mphasis.

2.Peace of Mind/Pressures. As I mentioned before, mentally I am in a good place right now. I have a clear idea of what I am and what my goals are. Work is generally hectic but its not a lot of pressure. With Bro getting married, that pressure also has eased off. I am worried about dad sometimes but I think he is doing relatively well right now.

3. Health. I am pretty healthy right now. I joined a gym about 6 months back and have worked very hard to get back into shape. I did the Hyderabad marathon last month and although it took me about the same time as last year, the run was much better.

4. Interests/Hobbies. I think the difference in the last one year has been that I have been writing more often these days. I have completely put aside the guitar though. I need to start playing again.

Long story short, it’s been a great year for me. I hope the next year is even better.


Sridhar Reddy.

Aged 26 years 9 months


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