Place: Devi Residency

Time 5:43 P.M

Sunday post on Monday again.

Another eventful week this last one. More events going on elsewhere than in my life..

Had a chat with Mr. Ch earlier in the week. He mentioned that he will speak to Chetan and we will push towards moving out of core shift and into migration. It is not something I want to get done immediately.. but its definitely on the cards. With more people joining the team in the coming weeks, my contribution to SSC will reduce so I need to be contributing elsewhere. Will have to take this up with Mr. Ch after I return from the trip.

Regarding the trip, Mr. B will most probably not be coming. He want’s to come, but there are too many things going on at the moment. He has a crucial release at the office next week, and has something major going on at the marriage front. The girl certainly seems to be quite into him. With him missing out, the trip will certainly be less fun and more challenging.

As for the other preparations, we have the hotel booked already. We still need to get the currency. We have more or less figured out what we want to do once we get there. Should be fun.


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