To go or not to go

In the past few weeks, I have re-calibrated my thinking regarding the Canada immigration thing. I have now come to realize a few facts that I did not know then. Namely:

  1. Receiving the invitation will take longer than the 12-16 weeks that I thought it would take. It could take upto 25 weeks.
  2. Once the invitation comes, its a further 12-16 weeks process to get the PR.
  3. There are no jobs in Canada so getting good employment may take upto 6 months.
  4. Moving to Canada on PR is not a short term solution.

In light of these new facts, I am starting to question the wisdom behind my efforts to get the Canadian Visa thing. The first 3 facts can be dealt with but the 4th fact really breaks the deal for me. I have no intention of moving permanently to Canada. I may be earning in dollars that will translate to a lot of money in INR, but the standard of living will be the same. Life would be easier here in India compared to in Canada. The real question is, it is really worth it?

I don’t know the answer to that question. I am not at the stage in life where I can make that decision. What I do know is that “as of now”, I dont want to move permanently to Canada.

So, removing Canada from the picture, what are my plans for the immediate future, say for the next 12 months.


I wanted to move to Hyderabad to live at home for a while before moving to Canada. Now that I am not going, should I make the move? I guess this answer is tied up with Job and the folks.


Removing Canada from picture, I think my target in terms of career is to really become indispensable for Oracle ACS. My earlier target of not leaving Oracle until I finish OCM still stands. I may not get a raise for the next year too but I will bear with that in the interest of building a career.

Now that I have stated my career target, where do I stay and how do I go about it? Recognition, growth and improvement in skills will happen better in Bang than in Hyd. That is clear to me. So I would prefer to stay in Bangalore. Regarding the other question. Is what I want in line with what the management wants? For the short term outlook, say for the next 1 year, I think it is. So stay in Bang, do what the management says.

The Folks:

This is the tricky part. Bala has been looking for a bride for himself and it seems he has found one. Let’s say Bala leaves in between. I know for sure that Purush is also looking to get married. Let says he leaves too in the next 4 months. What is my standing? Do I continue to stay in Bangalore or do I look to move out? Based on my stated targets, the answer seems to be to stay on.. but it will not be easy. Am I prepared for the emotional struggle of being alone? That leads me to the emotional aspect.


What is it that I want from life in the short term? To get married? Yes. Before Dad’s money comes? No. How long might it take? Dont know. Can I sustain a brutal campaign in the career while emotionally I am in the docks? Really really don’t know.

If I am true to myself, for 6 months I will be able to handle it. The aftermath of the Malaysia trip and the anticipation of the Europe trip will keep me going. Then I will start to feel the strain. If Europe happens, I will be good till May 2016. If it doesn’t happen, I will start getting desperate in Feb.

One thing is for sure, I will be reading this post several times over the next few months, just to remind myself what I am.


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