AHM 2015


The timing is very near to the one that I got last year. But while last year’s run was painful and disappointing, this year it was painful but satisfying.

The week leading up to the run was up and down. I arrived well on Monday and had a plan set for the week. All my plans went haywire when Chaman called me up and asked me to do a patching on the weekend. There was no clarity whether the patching was on Saturday or Sunday morning. I mentally prepared myself to skip the run. Then, to my great relief Sriharsha called me later in the week and informed that the patching would be on Saturday.

I did one run during the week, and it wasn’t great. It was probably because of lack of warmup that led to the shins getting very tight. I decided against doing any further runs during the week. To improve my pre race day, I went and got the bib on Friday. Saturday however did not go as I planned.

I started patching at 8 in the morning and it went on until 4:00 p.m. I had a snicker and chocolate milk for lunch. Came back home and had a heavyish dinner. Slept at 8:00 pm.

To start off the race day, I had the same problem that I had last year.. no shit was given. The phone got switched off at night and there was no alarm. Luckily, I woke up at 4:15 and checked the time. There was no time for the warm water to do its trick so I didnt have any choice. Didn’t even take a bath, had a hurried breakfast. Got in the cab late and reached the venue at around 5:30.

I was worried about how my stomach will handle the run all the while. Didn’t focus on the warmup completely. I should have stretched the hamstrings more, among other things. Anyway the run started and I started off at a nice slow pace. I felt felt the hamstring ache at 4 kms and knew it would be a difficult run. At 6 kms, I ran out of gas.

I didn’t know the missed lunch would have that big an affect. From 6kms onwards, it was an uphill battle till the end. The time spent in the gym working on core strength helped during the run. I was able to hold posture till the end of the run. The pleasant whether helped too.

I tried to stretch the hamstrings at multiple points but it kept getting worse. Had the right hamstring sprayed at one of the aid stations. I somehow found a burst of energy at the end and managed to complete the last 500 mts running. Surprisingly, there was no shit problem throughout the run.

I think I am fitter now, compared to this time, last year. I hope I can build on this fitness and prepare better for the Bangalore marathon in mid-october.

Kota-Kinabalu will be the next adventure!


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