Preparing for AHM 2015 Part -3

I will be running the AHM next Sunday. I did my final practice long run today. In the last 7 weeks, I managed to do 5 long runs. Today’s run was the best of the lot. I ran 16k and could probably have pushed a couple more. Recovery has also been good so far.

My weight is at around 69 kgs now so it hasn’t been a drastic reduction. The core strength training has paid some dividends. My hamstrings feel much stronger and should be able to carry me over the finish line in the AHM.

The last 3 months have been good to me in terms of running. I have been able to visit the Gym regularly and the weekend long runs are keeping me fit. I think after the AHM, I will take stock of the situation and decide about how I want to prepare for the Bengaluru Marathon which is another 8 weeks away.

I think I will start from Aliabad again this time on the morning of the run. I will be doing morning shifts the entire week but I should be able to sneak in 2 short runs in the week. That will be my preparation for the run. I have to avoid any kind of binge eating during this week. Specially important will be what I do the day before the run. I will be doing M shift so there won’t be any lunch available. I will also have to go to the pre run event so I will be doing quite a lot of travelling. These things can’t be avoided I suppose.

I hope I have a good run this year. After 2 horrible years, I think I deserve some luck.


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