Sunday post on Tuesday as there was no net on Sunday and was a little busy yesterday.

Time: 11:01 AM

Place: 005, Devi Residency

The biggest news of the last 2 weeks has been about Mr. B. He had applied for a job in Singapore and seems like he has got it. He is waiting for the offer letter and once he gets that, he will start the Visa processing. By end of September, he will post probably be out of India.

Given that he is leaving, I gave a serious thought about moving to Hyderabad. We will need to search for a new guy now for the room and we wont be able to find one so easily. For 3 people, the expenses will also increase a lot. By moving to Hyderabad, I will be able to save 10K per month on an average.

The Canada thing looks like it will take 6 months. Even after I get the PR, I may need to wait until I get a job before I make a move. That could take even longer. This is a good time for me to move to Hyderabad. I am thinking of talking to Chaman seriously this week if I am able to catch him.

Anil left for U.S on Saturday. He was the last good friend that I had in India. I think I will definitely be lonelier without him. Atleast until the time I remain in Bangalore, I have to try to keep in touch with the remaining 2 guys.

The Malaysia visa application is done. It should get processed this week and I should be able to get my passport by weekend.

I moved the GG exam to Friday as I felt I was under-prepared to take it today.


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