Preparing for AHM 2015 Part -2

So 6 weeks after the last running post, I want to track the progress made so far. The biggest disappointment for me has been that I haven’t run a single long run till now. I was supposed to run 2 and this weekend would have been my 3rd run. There is good reason for this though. I was busy  patching in the first weekend of July and had spent the last weekend travelling to Chennai to write the IELTS exam. It’s not a huge setback, and nothing that I can’t make up for.

My runs in the Gym have been consistently getting better. I have dropped down to 70 now, and if I am able to control my diet and keep up the good work, I should be about 68 when I run the AHM. That is in 7 weeks.

So I am able to run 5K’s with 1 incline on the treadmill in about 37 mins. With practice the timing should get better. I think I have figured out the root cause of the shin pain. Whenever I have worked to relax and stretch the calf muscles, the subsequent runs have been painless. Tomorrow will be the first big test for my fitness. I have a 10k planned for tomorrow, it will be my first long run in the last 11 months.

Hopefully, tomorrows run goes well, I have the schedule mapped for the next 6 weeks:

19th: 10k

26th: 12k

2nd: 14k

9th: 14k

16th: 16k

23rd: 14k

30th — AHM

I am thinking of sticking to the 5K routines on weekdays in the gym for atleast the next 2 weeks. In the subsequent weeks, I will increase it to 6k right upto the AHM. Depending on how the AHM goes, I will plan my training for the next run which will be the bangalore run.


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