Place: 5A021, OTP

Time: 16:42

Another hectic week saw the back of the IElTS test which had me travel up and down to Chennai twice. Even with minimal preparation, I thought I did decently well. With this done, a certain load has come off my mind. Now I can concentrate on the plethora of remaining things.


ACS will have me do SSC, Migration and ES this month. Tackling all 3 will be a difficult experience but not one that I need to think too much about. I will take it as I go along. Forgot to mention the new assessment that Manish has asked me to do. Fun times!

I have 8 weeks to go before the Hyderabad run. The preparation hasn’t really taken off. I need to restart building up serious fitness from tomorrow.

Both the WES and IELTS results wont be out for another 3 weeks so I can relax about the Canada thing for the rest of the month.

The GG certification that I missed earlier in the month will need to be re-scheduled for the first week of August. I can start preparing after coming back from the Mangalore trip. So no need to worry about this for the next 2 weeks.

So running and ACS over the next 3 weeks atleast. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Dad asked me to come to Hyderabad next week and I thought long and hard about it. Finally I decided not to go. Will save some time, energy and money. Will have to call him and speak to him about it. Sat and calculated my expenses for the next 4 months. It seems that I will have barely enough money for the Malaysia trip. It will be very tight for me however and I will not able able to transfer the money to Suchi for the next couple of months. Still think selling the bike will be a good option. With everything going on right now, I will devote time and effort to this endeavor in August.


SSC: 5 — special praise from Chetan during the week for no reason. was 2 days off so no other work to talk about.

Mig: 3 — After hectic work over the last couple of weeks, nothing this week. Something should start in the last week.

ES: 5 — Did solo patching after lots of days shadowing. All set to be a full time patcher.

Avg: 4.33

Cum. Avg. 3.997(10)


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