Place: 005 Devi Residency

Time: 9:43 A.M

After quite a long streak of having written these Sunday posts on actual Sundays, comes along a Sunday post on a Monday. And with good reason. The week gone by has probably been the most hectic of my time at Oracle. It’s also been the most satisfying week.

On the weekdays was the Migration training by Dieter. This got tiring as the days went by and by Friday, I was very tired. I also learned quite a lot about the Migration service as well as the O2O tool that we use.

On the weekend was scheduled a BOA patching activity that I was supposed to shadow along with Sriharsha. Both Saturday and Sunday were difficult, but for completely different reasons. On Saturday we did the infrastructure patch. The drilling sound because of the construction activity and Sriharsha’s constant bickering made it a difficult experience. Then we wasted 4 hours at the end as they had not setup VNC.

Then Sriharsha went and got himself into an accident at night which meant the entire Sunday task was left to me. I spent 5 hours on Sunday troubleshooting the VNC issue for which we were able to find a workaround. Then I started the GI and RDBMS install activities which I completed by around 9 P.M. Since it was the first time I was doing these, it was a difficult experience.

At the end I managed to complete the entire activity. On the whole I had spent 29 of the 48 weekend hours in the office. This has given me a lot of confidence to handle the entire patching activity end to end. Except for the DB upgrade that I haven’t done till now.


SSC: 4

Mig: 5

ES: 5

Avg: 4.67

Cum Avg: 3.96 (9)


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