Place: 005, Devi Residency

Time: 7:45 P.M

Another 6 day week at the office. This one somehow not very tiring. So more good work at SR’s, although no closures to talk about.

Work put into Migration and ES services as well. Yesterday I got the first taste of Patching work when I sat with Varma to do Exadat QPD patching. There was no upgrade involved so it was a short activity. Stayed back a couple of hours after SSC shift ended. Almost set for independent patching.

There is a new migration starting sometime next week and I will be getting involved into it from the start. With GG certification and IELTS happening next month, the next few weeks promise to be quite hectic. I hope I am up for it.

Payed the WES fees today. The only part remaining is to send the transcripts over to them. Then it will be waiting and writing IELTS.

Had a nice long skype chat with the nice couple in Chicago today.

SSC: 4

Mig: 5

ES: 5

Avg: 4.67

Total avg: 3.87 (8)


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