Place 005, Devi Residency

Time: 8:00 A.M

After a few good weeks came an okay week. This week was tiring in the office. I has worked both Saturday and Sunday last week and by Wednesday, I was mentally tired and couldn’t wait for the week to start. Once the weekend started for me though, I haven’t done anything with my time. I swapped my shift for yesterday but even in the office I did not do much work. Have to make up for the lost time today.

I had asked Mr.B to send the courier to the IELTS test guys. I hope he did send it. With that done the only thing left now to do is to sit and prepare for the exam itself. I haven’t done much work on the GG certification also this week. Again something that I have to make up for today.

One good thing I did last week was have a lot of good phone conversations. Also it was the first time since I joined the gym that I did workout for 5 days. Hope I can keep that up in the coming weeks. I haven’t reduced much in terms of my weight but I do feel lighter so counts as progress.

Next week will be another hectic one for me.


SSC: 4

Migration: 4

ES: 3

Avg.: 3.67

Cum Avg. 3.78 (6)


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