Place: 5A021, OTP

Time: 12:51 P.M

This is my 5th consecutive Sunday post. Its been more than an year since I started this thing and I am proud of having written 30 posts in this category. Onto last weeks events

I booked the dates for GG certification in the last week of June and IELTS in the second week of July. These next 5 weeks will be very hectic for me. But these are also exiting times. Going back to the 4 quadrants thing that I mentioned few weeks back, I am firmly putting time and effort in the second quadrant.

Will work on procuring the transcripts this week. Will probably pay the fees to WES next month when I have some money. The total cost for WES processing will come close to 20,000. That will put the total amount that I will have invested in endeavor to 30,000. Given the tight situation that I am in currently, that will really be putting me in a difficult position. Will have to manage somehow.

Ms. N seems to have settled decently well in the U.S. That’s a relief. I think they will settle down slowly in the coming weeks and months. Had a conversation with Bro yesterday about the Sam chick. This is the first time I was speaking to him about this topic. We agreed that the status quo has to be maintained atleast until dad gets his money.

My current plan is to get the application to CIC done and hopefully if I get the PR and job by Jan or Feb, I can go there and work for 6 months and come back to get married by sep/oct next year. Things of course almost always never turn out the way you expect them to. Let’s see. The September 1 year on should be interesting.

Submitted the request for Transcripts to ARCD BITS. Cost: 480.

Finishing this post at 22:00 as I was busy with Starwood SR the whole shift. That’s 2 consecutive Sunday’s the same Starwood SR has eaten up my shift. Good days!!


SSC 5: Good work on SR’s. More studying certification.


ES: 3 — Lot of learning.

Avg: 3.67

Cum Avg: 3.802(5)


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