Place: Devi Residency

Time: 2:30 PM 6/1//2015

The week gone by was a very eventful and fruitful week. Highlights:

I sat with Varma and Vijay during a patching activity for a whole day. Then I got access to actual Exadata test machines that I played around with. I did Cell storage patching and some other testing. I wish I had access for longer but I think I made use of whatever time I got. Also had a meeting with Mr. C.S to discuss the appraisal thing. He laid down the expectations from me for the coming year. They will be tough to match but not impossible. The good thing is that Oracle’s expectation from me pretty much matches my expectation from me.

The Migration activity started again and I tried to make sure that I was involved as much as possible.There will be more involvement over the next week.

I also set up my desk at Office so now I feel truly settled in Oracle.

Phani Teja’s wedding happened during the week and I attended his reception in Guntur. Didn’t get any time to spend with him but met Kunda and Achyuth after a long time. Also had a good discussion with Ghajini. It was nice to catch up with the guys. Also spent some time in Bala’s home. All in all a good experience.


SSC 5: Good work on SR’s. Started preparing for GG certification.


ES: 5 — Lot of learning.

Avg: 4.67

Cum Avg: 3.835(4)


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