Place: Devi Residency

Time: 7:00 AM. 5/24/2015

I returned to Bangalore yesterday morning. It was a very fruitful couple of weeks trip for me.

Last week I stayed at Beeramguda for the most part. Went to Aliabad on Thursday. The week was very interesting in the office. Monday is Mr. Mani’s last day and Mr. Bhanu seems to have decided to leave as well. The week involved lots of twists and turns with the Bhanu affair. Bhanu’s and Vivek’s ragging of Mr. YK was thoroughly enjoyable. Also enjoyable was the way MR. YK exploded at the end of it all and destroyed his relations with almost everyone there.

Bhanu was mentioning there might me some changes in the Org structure in the coming months. He was speculating that the new folks might be moved under Mr. CP . If it turns out to be this way, there is a chance that I might be moved under CP, but as long as I am reporting remotely, it shouldn’t matter much to me. Given recent developments, it might not matter much anyway.

About the recent developments:

1. As soon as I reached the room yesterday, I was informed that the guys had booked tickets to Malaysia again in September. I was very disappointed that when they booked the tickets, then didn’t inform me. I went ahead and booked the tickets for myself. It cost me 5K extra when compared to their tickets. These again are non-cancel-able. Which means I get no refund if it doesn’t work out. It was kinda risky but I went ahead and did it anyway.

2. Mr. AB informed me of a scheme of the Canadian immigration called Express Entry where Canada is offering PR to skilled workers. The process might take about 6 months and would cost around 1.5 Lakhs. I spoke to Bro and he said that its a very good opportunity so I decided to do it. I will have to first apply for IELTS exam and clear it. Then do the application process in the website.

3. I completed the application for Jagriti Yatra yesterday and submitted it. I just now need to wait and see if I get selected.

4. Most important of all, I had a conversation with Pinni this week regarding the Sambaipally girl. I told her that I am basically willing to marry the girl but not of this moment. But I have given the go ahead which is a big decision. I am sure she will keep the matter to herself over the coming few months but still this is something that I cannot go back on now.

On the whole this has been the most happening week for me for a long long time. I don’t think I have made so many big decisions in the matter of one week ever in my life. These decisions might have far reaching consequences on how my life turns out.

There is no followup required for points 1,3,4 but there is a lot of work to be done for point 2. I think from this week I will have an additional thing to concentrate on. For the next week my target is to gather as much details about the immigration process and by the end of the week, schedule a date for IELTS.


SSC : 5 — Lot of self testing in the week.

Mig : 3

ES: 3

Avg: 3.67


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