Sunday 27

Place: Beeramguda

Date 5/17/2015 10:56

Its been an extremely fruitful and eventful week. Highlights:

1. Ms. N left on 15th. I managed to visit Uppal twice and spend some quality family time. She reached safe and sound without any hassles. I had to do a lot of traveling during the week and ended the week with a broken body which had me sleeping the entire day yesterday.

2. There was a lot of drama in the office this week at Hyd. Maninder resigned and we hosted a treat for him at absolute barbeque on Friday. Bhanu had also put in his papers because of frustrations with Mr. CP but put his resignation is put on hold after discussions with Mr. Director.

3. Broken body mentioned earlier had me cancel my bus to Bangalore. I will have to spend another week here in Hyd office. I will probably be traveling on thursday.


Core :4

Rest: 3,3

Avg: 3.33


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