The guy who picked up the car did not notice the damage.. party because I cut out the flappy part of the plastic. The deposit must have got refunded by now.

The recommendations report is good. V.V and I had some more discussion regarding the requirements and there was some further work involved in the week. The final report was accepted.

Submitted the assessment report. It involved 3 more days of work during the week. I thoroughly felt the first timer blues during this project. It’s a nice learning experience though. Sadly, it will be a while before the next assessment comes along. The presentation is not done yet so the feedback has not yet arrived. Will have to wait and see how that goes.

Came to Hyd on Friday. Ms. N is leaving next week so I thought I will work for a while from Hyd. Its super hot here.

Had a discussion with Manga yesterday regarding the politics during the marriage. Tried to convince her that it wasn’t as bad as was reported at the time. It wasn’t a pleasant conversation but it was enlightening. Looks like I have to start taking more interest in the Ravula side of the family.

New section starting this week. Details covered in Random Musings.

SSC: 5

ES: 3


Avg: 3.66


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