But Why?

So I was reading the blog waitbutwhy.com yesterday and I have to admit I enjoyed the read. Quite a lot of what the guy has to say resonated with me. It gave me an idea that I want to explore in this piece.

Eisenhower-MatrixSo what he basically says is that successful people spend most of their time in Quads 1,2. And that the more productive work you get done in Quad 2, the more successful you will be.

Now the post itself was about procrastinators and their life. I don’t think I am a procrastinator per say but I am one lazy guy. So what was written in the post applies to me.

I have spent quite a lot of my last few years in each of the 4 Quads mentioned above. I want to think back to when I have put in significant work in Quad 2 in the below phases of my life.

College (Year 1-4) — I don’t think I spent any time in this Quad in the first 4 years of college.

College (Year 5) — I think the GRE and TOEFEL test that I gave were the first effort investment I made in this Quad. It didn’t come to much though. The second Sem of college was again mostly spent in Quad 4.

Mphasis (Year 1) — The first year at Mphasis was a productive one. Whatever was in my hands at the time and I could do, I did it. It was the best phase of my life in terms of productivity in a long time.

Mphasis (Year 2-3) — It was around this time that I joined the Sabre team. I took up running during this time and also did well at the office so this was a pretty good period for me.

Mphasis, Oracle — Where was I this time last year? Oh yes. I had given a couple of interviews and was going through a rather difficult time. It all turned out pretty well at the end and I think this period has worked out the best for me in the last decade.

What now?

I don’t think I have missed any of the last 7 Sunday posts. This shows a good consistency coming together. I think I am the most productive when I am the most organized. Lack of organization wrecks havoc with my productive drive.

I have the formula down for the next 6 months. I realize that this period will be the most crucial for me going forward so I need the best approach towards it. I think the One Year on thing that I will do in October will be a good checkpoint. The goals for the rest of 2015 are, in order of priority.

1. Continue to develop technically. Increase the rate of development if possible.

2. Work on the certifications. The first certification that I need to do is the GG one. I think I will target this certification in the last week of June. If it goes well, I will next try the OCA certification, first exam in July and the next in August. Then the only remaining target for me for the year will be the Exadata certification that I will try to do in November.

3. Continue the work being put in the Gym.

4. Continue the good work with building relations, specially with the Ravula’s.

If I think about it, the goals that I have set for myself are not that hard. It just needs a lot of patient work. Kind of like building up the marathon fitness. Which I will have to do literally.

So am I preparing for 2 marathons at one go? The literal marathon has a goal and that is to cross the finish line. What is the goal of the figurative marathon? A goal is not something that is vague and generic. It has to be clear and quantifiable.

I think I can include the other 3 goals mentioned above in the Fig Marathon. Points 2,4 are easy to define. Certifications, you complete them or not. Point 4 can be judged based on the number of calls or the number of hours that I spend talking to the folks. The difficult part will be quantifying success for Point No. 1.

The goal is personal development but it can be judged based on the contribution to ACS. I will only be able to contribute more to ACS if I improve technically. So I can develop a metric for contribution to ACS. Now there are 3 components to ACS and my goal is to cover all 3 components. So I think I can have a weekly metric where I judge myself for the 3 components of ACS on a scale of 5 and take a cumulative, each week. Then in the last week of December, the cumulative of all the weeks can be calculated.

So what should be the pass percentage. Should I be ambitious and set it to 4.5. Or should I be realistic and set it to 4. Or should I give myself leeway and set it to 3.5?

We are talking about goals here and if I think my goal is to cross an aggregate of 3.5, there is no point in me going through the trouble of doing all this. Ideally I should aim for something between 4 and 4.5. Middle 4.25 sounds good but after some thinking (covered in Edit 1) I think 4.0 should be a good goal. Sounds good?

So the goals for the figurative marathon is the following:

1. Complete the 3 certifications.

2. Have at least two relation building conversations every week this year.

3. Work hard in the gym and build up fitness for the upcoming runs. Goal: To have satisfactory runs.

4. This one has 2 parts.

Part 1: To rate myself every week in this Journal.

Part 2: To have an aggregate rating over 4 by the end of the year.

Both the above mentioned parts will be equally difficult to achieve but there is no reason for me to be incapable of doing so.

Off to retrospectively edit this weeks Sunday.

Edit 1: I was having breakfast and I started thinking about the rating system. The reality is that I will not be able to contribute meaningfully in all 3 components of ACS in the same week. So every week will have a default rating of 3. Even if I put in supreme effort and make 5’s for the other 2 components, which is highly unlikely, my average rating for the week will be 4.33. If I don’t get any opportunity to contribute 2 to of the components, my best rating will be 3.66. Given this fact, the goal of doing 4.25 by the end of year is not feasible. I think 4 will be a good goal to work towards. Edited the above with the same.


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