Sunday 24

This one will be a quick one as I have an active SR and lot of other work.

So the performance assessment turned out to be a performance assessment!!

Manish has taken a lot of interest in it and is helping in every step so that’s  a big plus. So is Balaji. The work requires quite a lot of hours of effort. The JPMC report is still not done. V.V will come and blast me tomorrow if I don’t send the report today. I’ve never worked with deadlines so all this is a little new to me. Thankfully the assessment does not have a tight deadline.

So Bro is in Baltimore and has the Chicago offer also now. He’s trying to figure out which was he needs to head. Mrs. Ravula certainly wants to go to Chicago.

Had a party on Friday. Drank so much that I had a hangover yesterday. It was not fun. Kind of destroyed my day. Much better now.


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