Attended the Performance Tuning training. All the sessions except for those of RRG were good. But that is to be expected I guess. P.T is on the GHOT menu next week as well.

Didn’t get much time to work on the thing that V.V asked me to do. But it looks to be a good learning opportunity.

Manish sent me an email regarding a Performance Assessment project. I was surprised at the email. I thought I was a fair distance away for being ready to do a performance assessment. I might be jumping the gun here but if it is indeed a performance assessment then that is something very challenging that is coming my way. Exiting times!!

Bro decided to go to Batlimore. The Chicago project isn’t confirmed as yet. He didn’t want to wait for it. He said he’ll join the Baltimore job and look to move to Chicago once that project gets confirmed.

Week 2 of Gymming was kind of broken up. Next week should be better.

Started a P.T in house build yesterday. Need to do more work on that. With the V.V work and possible Perf Assessment on top of that, the coming week promises to be a hectic one.



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