Nothing much happened this week.

The general shift was weird but I managed it pretty well. There’s a performance tuning session this week so I’ll be doing another 3 of those the next week as well.

Bro has a job in Baltimore and another one in Chicago that hasn’t been signed off as yet. He is still deliberating on which one to pick although N.V seems to be inclined towards Chicago. Its probably been decided by now. I haven’t spoken to then in the last couple of days.

Had a chat with dad about the progress with what he’s been doing. The irrigation thing might take a while but the pipeline money might materialize sooner. I have asked him to take up a job once the pipeline money comes.

No ghoting done this week. The irregular schedule and the gymming left very little time to do any ghoting. The guitars are starting to gather dust.

Work was good. Had a couple of good SR’s to work on. V.V dumped a menial JPMC task on my head. Will help with billing so can’t really complain.


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