Sunday 21

Another week bites the dust.

Good week this one. There was a patching activity on Saturday done by Varma and Harsha that I sat and watched. Quite good. SSC this week was quite okay too.

Figured out how much I will be getting on average from EHB. About 6k per month. Which means that I probably am the lowest paid guy in the team. Which figures since I am also the newest and the least experienced. So no complaints there.

The guys bought a nano this week. Gave Purush a Bala a class yesterday and today. Anil got an admit in a poor university. He doesn’t seem interested to go there. He has another couple of universities that need to give the results. Hope he gets the admit.

Bro relocated to Michigan to stay with Ramu until he finds a job. He has a confirmed project in Baltimore but he has another one that is in the works in Chicago and he wants to see how that works out. But that’s something that is looking to work out well so its a relief somewhat.

Started the Gym this week. Spent 8.5K for a 7 month subscription. The gym itself is nice. Lost of chicks. At 72.8, I am probably the heaviest I have ever been. I can feel the weight while doing cardio. It will take a while for the results to show. One affect of the gym sessions is that I have lesser time to GHOT now. This week was worse than last. Have to somehow manage to find time to do the Gym and GHOT and play the guitar. Lets see how it goes.

Will be travelling in bike or car next week as Chetan has asked me to work in the G shift and there’s no cab.

I have decided to invest in NPS as a tax saving option. I will be doing the paperwork for the same next week.

On a completely unrelated note, I spotted a couple of white hair on my chin the other day. That takes the total number of white hair on my beard to 3. Worrying.




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