Sunday 20

So after many Sunday logs, this one comes on an actual Sunday.

I think the week gone by has been very useful. After all the traveling that I have done over the last couple of months, I think I really started to settle down last week. I organized myself pretty well and got the Loan thing done.

I received the money from the Bank and transferred it to my Andhra Bank Loan account. The only thing left to do now I guess is to pay of the remaining interest amount and close off the account. I did my calculations while making the decision about closing the loan but now that its done, I’m not sure if I am gaining anything after all the effort. Anyway what’s done is done so no point thinking about it now.

Oracle is carrying out a pay restructuring activity where I will need to decide on all the components other than the basic. I decided to allot the 10% basic portion to NPS. Made the other calculations also. Did a lot of research on investment options and chalked out a basic plan of how to go about the next few months financially.

Another thing that I did this week is the organize a basic GHOT plan. Didn’t work a lot on it this week but will try to improve over the course of the next few weeks.

The next couple of weeks are important. I need to decide if I want to try any certifications right now. I have two options, one the Exadata certification and the other the OCA stream. I will see how the next week goes and then make a decision in the second week of April.

Among other events:

Rajshekhar Naidu visited this weekend. He will be traveling to the U.S in a couple of weeks time. Had a good weekend. I guess I won’t be seeing him again for a while.

Anil has had a couple of very difficult months. He’s not got an admit till now and he is desperate because of the position that he is in. Just a bad phase. He had some good news this morning when one of the universities informed him that they were considering the application. I hope he gets the admit.

Purush and Chick decided to buy a car. Spent some time yesterday and today looking at cars. Seem to finally decided upon a Nano from Mr. Joseph. For 1,10,000. Interesting times ahead.

Edit 1: Loan clear screenshot

Andhra Bank Education Loan Payoff


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