Sunday 16

4 week hiatus for the Sunday series before its back on a Saturday!!

So why am I writing this post on a Saturday? For 2 reasons. 1: Because right now I am in the Hyd office doing a Saturday A shift with 10 inactives in my queue and praying that none of them become active. 2: Because tomorrow Bro’s marriage with Nagasree becomes fixed and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow and hence wont have the time to write a Sunday Post.

So here goes…

What’s going on these days?

As mentioned above, Bro’s marriage with Nagasree got settled. I almost put a Nagasree it? in the collage but decided against it as the previous 2 times I did something like that, things didn’t turn out so well.

Everything’s not so rosy though. Bro’s contract ends this month and he is basically out of a job. Dad did a horribly bad job of calculating what the compensation for the land acquisition will be. The compensation disbursed will be about 1/3rd of what he calculated. Kind of destroyed my dreams of living a happy and comfortable life. Oh well!

So I am currently doing my 3rd weekend shift after joining Oracle. My beginners luck seems to be extending for quite a long while. I have a lot of hours to go before the end of today so fingers crossed.

That’s basically that. Lot more to write but I think I’ll do some writing when I get back to Bangalore.


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