Sunday 14

3 weeks after the Sunday 13 comes Sunday 14. Atleast I’m writing this on a Sunday instead of a Monday!!

So this last week Bro’s contract got extended. He will only be staying for 3 weeks. It’s definitely good news. Even though he doesn’t like the job, we need the money so he is willing to continue in it. I am planning to go home for 2 weeks starting the last week of September. Have to talk to Hiren about this and see what he says. I don’t think he’ll make a fuss.

I happened to go to Kerala in between. It was a great trip. I think I should write something about it. Maybe I will.

Have started working on the bike. Fixed a couple of issues. It needs more work though. Will work on it next week. I also need to send the tax acknowledgement and visit Batras.

What  else..

Chitti had a baby girl. The baby looks like her mom. No surprises there!

I went to my second theater play last week. The acting was very good but the script let the actors down. Could have been better.

I did shopping!! Bought the woodland shoes that I have been wanting to buy for years. Also bought a pair of shades.

Mr. UB is leaving in the last week of September. After that it will just be Mr. S with Mr. M, Mr. B and Mr. A for company. I think I should write about the folks. Maybe I will.



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