Absolute Pitch

So the other day Mr. M played a chord on his brand new Ukulele and asked me to identify it. Absolute pitch is the rare ability of a person to identify a given musical note without a reference. It is rare because it is extremely difficult to do so.

But what Mr. M asked me to identify was not a note, it was a chord. Now I could identify a C chord when played on a guitar. This is because having heard that C chord thousands of times and attaching the name C to the chord creates a memory in my brain which says ‘C’ whenever I here that chord. But when the chord is played on a Uke or a Piano, or even for that matter higher up the guitar fretboard, the sound produced is different and the confused brain is not able to identify it. At least that’s what I think.

If the question was to identify the quality of the chord, for example whether its a minor or a major chord, that’s a little bit simpler. But even that is something that takes a lot of practice to identify. Learning music takes time and playing the guitar is hard.. something I made Mr. B realize yesterday.


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