The path that we take

The last few months have seen me take a very weird and painful journey. It was around March that I decided to upload my Resume to Naukri and start looking for jobs. I had done the Oracle RAC training in Wilshire in Feb and was fairly confident about my Oracle abilities. It’s ironic that only one of the 4 interviews that I gave was core Oracle, and that was the one at which I failed miserably.

Its funny how life leads us to our destination. When I started looking for Jobs, I certainly did not expect myself to land in Oracle 5 months later. The first interview that I gave was for Infogix way back in the last week of March. I came to Bangalore for the interview on the 4th of April and by the end of the interview, I was convinced I had the job. I went to Pune the week after that and they were ready to give me the job as well.

The first time I submitted my resignation was on the third week of April. On a Wednesday I think. When Rajaram and Raji asked me what I wanted, I told them I wanted to move to Bangalore and wanted a raise. In that moment I don’t know why I asked them those things. I was not completely convinced by Infogix and Talentica would have required a complete shift from my current work. So I thought I’d give Mphasis a chance even though I was confident both of them would give me the offer.

The next 2 weeks were probably the hardest of my life after Mom’s death. I sat refreshing my gmail once every 5 minutes for the offer to arrive. By the end of the month, I was frustrated and exhausted and in a fix. I had resigned without an offer in hand!! If the Talentica HR hadn’t sent me the mail asking for Pay Slip details, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to resign. In a way Priya from Talentica was responsible for my getting into Oracle!!

May was the month I played my game. All was not lost as Mphasis still needed me and there was still some ambiguity with Raji about my status. I built on my Initial discussions with Raji and forced a move to Bangalore. I achieved my goal of move to Bangalore before June. The week before coming to Bangalore, I withdrew my resignation and came to Bangalore with my tail between my legs. I was humiliated inside but I somehow managed to maintain my pride on the outside.

Bangalore was fun since the beginning and it helped me cope with the setback a little. I wasn’t getting any calls for interviews but I was still happy with my life. Suddenly one day in July Ramya sent me an email asking for profile for referral. I thought the position was for Oracle. I sat studying Oracle for 2 days. As it turned out, they interviewed me for GG and even that wasn’t in complete depth.

The Oracle guys also made me wait for a month but I was confident they would give me the offer. I didn’t repeat the mistake that I had done earlier of putting in my papers early at Mphasis even though I was under compulsion to be at home on the 10th of October.

Would I have got a call from Oracle If I hadn’t been in Bangalore? No.

Would I have resigned from Mphasis if the Talentica HR had not sent me an email asking for Pay slips? No.

Would I have resigned if my interview with Infogix had not gone well? No.

Would I have resigned from Mphasis if we were not vacating the Chennai room in May? Probably Not.

A combination of all these factors brought my feet to the doorstep of Oracle. I have often thought that I have lived my life in a flow and have never tried to force things to happen.There was nothing I could say that I was proud of about myself. But now I think I can say that in the last 6 months, I worked hard. Things turned out well for me because I took risks. I stumbled. I got lucky. I worked hard. I’m here now. The last few months were an adventure. Just like Mangalore was. And I want to remember this period as an adventure for years to come.

If I had waited for the offer from Talentica, I would probably still be in Chennai. Without the resignation I wouldn’t have had the bargaining power for transfer to Bangalore. No other decision of mine has come to shape my life so much till now. I’m glad I took that decision then, and I’m glad I tried to play along. I’m proud of how I managed the situation, and I’m proud of where I have ended up now.

It’s certainly not the end. Life’s just begun. What’s about to come is also an adventure. And I hope the coming adventure will be just as remarkable as this one.


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