The road to the marathon -1

This is my second attempt at running the marathon. I have 13 weeks left to prepare my body for the run. I don’t think the time will be sufficient. I might be able to complete the run but I don’t think I will get any decent timing. I guess for the first marathon finish the run should be the primary target.

This Saturday I ran an 18k. I finished strong and still had some energy left. Enough to do another 3 maybe. Not enough to do another 10 or 20. Which is what my biggest concern is. I don’t know how I will be able to increase my mileage over the coming weeks.

So far so good though. The shin is still not ready but it’s getting there. Have to put in more work on the calf and glutes. I have decided to start following the 3+2 program described in the book that we bought. The runs are fewer but more difficult. Specially the speed drills. But its good training. I did the last long run in 2 hours 1 min pace 6.45 per minute. Decent timing but not good enough. At that timing it will take me 2:20 to do the half marathon. My target for the Hyderabad half marathon is 2:10. So I need to cut down another 10 mins. Will take a lot of work but hopefully I’ll be able to get there.


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